Direct Hiring of PTI (Powertech Technology Inc.) Taiwan (via POEA)

Direct Hiring for PTI Taiwan (POEA) Direct Hiring para sa mga Pilipino via POEA.   NO PLACEMENT FEE!   Ang PTI or Powertech Technology Inc. ay isang malaking kompanya sa Taiwan na nagma-manufacture ng […]

Important Contacts & Addresses for Taiwan OFWs

Important Contacts & Addresses for Taiwan OFWs   Emergency Numbers: 110 – Police                          119– Ambulance and Fire   […]

Czech Republic May Mahigit sa 1,000 na Trabaho Para sa mga Pinoy!

Maliban sa bansang Taiwan, ang Czech Republic ay pwede ring applyan ng mga Pinoy with NO PLACEMENT FEE! Ito ay programa ng POEA at ang gobyerno ng Czech Republic. Ang bansang […]

Listahan ng mga Recruitment Agencies sa Pilipinas (Taiwan Bound)

Listahan ng mga Recruitment Agencies sa Pilipinas (Taiwan Bound) Updated on March 15, 2018 Jedegal Contacts: JEDEGAL INT`L MANPOWER SERVICES, INCORPORATED   G/F & 2/F Accent Tower Bldg. GP Shorthorn Bahay […]

Ang Tagong Biking/Hiking Trail sa Yongheshan, Sanwan, Taiwan

Ang Tagong Biking/Hiking Trail sa Yongheshan   Lingid sa kaalaman ng nakararami, ay mayroong hidden biking/hiking trail sa Yongheshan, Sanwan. Malapit ka lang ba sa Yongheshan at naghahanap ka ng […]

Taiwan Jobs

The Latest Taiwan Jobs (2018) Listahan ng mga latest Taiwan Jobs.   Expires on April 7, 2018 100 Filipino Engineers for ASE Chungli (NO PLACEMENT fee) Gender: Any Age: 20 […]

Taiwan Receipt Lottery (Tagalog Version) 11-12, 2017

Taiwan Receipt Lottery Ang Taiwan Receipt Lottery ay ginaganap sa bansang Taiwan tuwing ika-25 ng buwan. Ito ay sa mga odd months na tinatawag, gaya ng Enero, Marso, Mayo… Basahin: […]

Direct Hiring of Factory Workers

Direct Hiring of Factory Workers in Taiwan Updated on March 02, 2018 Read : Direct Hiring of PTI in Taiwan Read: Latest Jobs for Filipinos this 2018 (bound to Taiwan)  […]

Things-To-Do in Zhunan (Gallery)

Here’s a list of Things-To-Do in Zhunan if you’re going to visit this place.   >Visit the exhibits at NMAC or Northern Miaoli Art Center for free.     >From Zhunan, […]

Taichung Flower Farm

Taichung Flower Farm a.k.a. Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market 中社觀光花市 Mode of Transport: Commute This roughly translates to “community sightseeing flower market”. This delightful spot is haven for photographers and […]

The Lucky Kid of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

This happened in the Philippines and not in Taiwan, but is related to biking, so I decided to include it in one of my posts.   This post(posted on Facebook […]

The Super Friendly Taiwanese Woman in Taichung City, Taiwan.

This happened last January 21, 2018. On a bit chilly morning in Taichung City, we were searching for a specific place but couldn’t find it. We’re apparently lost. A woman […]

17 Online Banking Safety Tips! (with Tagalog translations)

Presented here are indispensable Online Banking Safety Tips. Updated on January 29, 2018 This website is about Cycling, but this time this particular post won’t be related to it. As a […]

A Ride to Luchang 鹿場 A Village in the Clouds, Nanzhuang, Miaoli, Taiwan

Luchang 鹿場 is translated as “Deer Field”. A high-altitude village that sits atop a 916-meter above-sea-level mountain. It is located in the mountainous and stunning  Nanzhuang, Miaoli, here in Taiwan. A […]

The Yongheshan Loop 永和山水庫, Sanwan Township, Taiwan

  Check out my RELIVE! ride.   Yongheshan is roughly translated as”Mountain with a wing ” or, “Wing Mountain”. We, as Filipinos, simply call it “Sanwan”, because it sounds like the […]

Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park, Taiwan

Updated on January 27,2018 The Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park is situated in Dingpu Village, Zhunan, Miaoli, Taiwan.   This is a 123-hectare base that serves as a satellite park of […]

Biking and Kitesurfing in Zhunan 竹南鎮, Taiwan

Zhunan 竹南鎮 in Taiwan actually means “Bamboo Town”.     I have no idea, why Zhunan town is called as such. What really first crossed my mind, was the abundance of bamboo […]

The Beautiful Cape of Good Hope, Haowangjiao 好望角 in Houlong, Taiwan 

Haowangjiao, century old tunnel, fossil layer...

The Stunning 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area in Hsinchu, Taiwan 

17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area Hsinchu, officially known as Hsinchu City (Chinese: 新竹市), is a city in northern Taiwan. It is popularly nicknamed “The Windy City” (Chu Chien) for its […]

Taiwan Lottery Receipt Result for Months 11-12 (with images & instructions)

The Taiwan Lottery Receipt Updated on March 6, 2018 In every 25th of the month, the Taiwan Lottery Receipt Draw takes place here in Taiwan and, you could possibly win […]

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