Direct Hiring of Factory Workers in Taiwan Updated on March 02, 2018 Read : Direct Hiring of PTI in Taiwan Read: Latest Jobs for Filipinos this 2018 (bound to Taiwan)  […]

Things-To-Do in Zhunan (Gallery)

Here’s a list of Things-To-Do in Zhunan if you’re going to visit this place.   >Visit the exhibits at NMAC or Northern Miaoli Art Center for free.     >From Zhunan, […]

Taichung Flower Farm

Taichung Flower Farm a.k.a. Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market 中社觀光花市 Mode of Transport: Commute This roughly translates to “community sightseeing flower market”. This delightful spot is haven for photographers and […]

The Lucky Kid of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

This happened in the Philippines and not in Taiwan, but is related to biking, so I decided to include it in one of my posts.   This post(posted on Facebook […]