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The Sanxia River Adventure 蟾蜍山谷烤肉區

The Sanxia River Adventure Yuanyanggu Resort (Sanxia River) 蟾蜍山谷烤肉區 HD 4K version (Youtube): https://bit.ly/35vXFUw Facebook Video here: Location in Google Maps: https://bit.ly/2OGHE8d 🤽‍♂️Entrance fee: 60 NT per head (cottage included) 👍BBQ: allowed ✌️Equipped with enclosed shower rooms. 😀Water, beer, & other necessities are for sale. 👍Easily accessible. Distance: 17 km from Yingge, New Taipei. 👌Accessible via bus. 👍with lifeguards Emerald cool waters and a dazzling view of the mountains. That is what you are going to expect at this natural river resort. Grilling is allowed and you can bring your own food and drinks. Drinking alcohol is also allowed, that even the resident store also sells these. Just remember to drink in moderation. Please note that the goods here are a bit expensive though, so I recommend just to bring your own. We came to this beautiful place through biking. One of our fellow cyclists suggested this spot. Have fun!…

Yingge Central River Sunset Trail

Yingge Central River Sunset Trail 鶯歌環河日落步道 Google Maps coordinates: https://bit.ly/2OBECSQ https://bit.ly/2ICJ9jU Yingge Central River Sunset Trail is 4 kilometers from the nearest train station(Yingge). Yingge, Taiwan is the country’s center of pottery and ceramics. It is easily accessible through bike, motorbike or car. Bike lanes are well-maintained, such as this. Yingge Central River is a sanctuary for birds. This scenic place is great for relaxation or for just a quiet stroll. Yingge Central River Sunset Trail video here https://bit.ly/2ID2jWL- YouTube video Read about Baishawan Beach here

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