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17 Online Banking Safety Tips! (with Tagalog translations)

Presented here are indispensable Online Banking Safety Tips. Updated on January 29, 2018 This website is about Cycling, but this time, this particular post won’t be related to it. As a Computer Technician for 17 years, and as a Filipino, I am more than willing to impart my accumulated knowledge and experience for the sake of my Kababayans(countrymen) and for anyone that may find these tips helpful in regards to online banking. As Technicians, we don’t only deal with hardware. We also extensively tackle software, security and networking issues, as you might have initially guessed. Nevertheless, this is also due to the rampant incident that took place recently to the account holders of a certain bank in the Philippines, my homeland. Online Banking Safety Tips: Safe online banking tip #1 – Banks never ask for your password/s! DO NOT reveal your password/s to Anyone! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR OTP(ONE TIME…