The Yongheshan Loop 永和山水庫, Sanwan Township, Taiwan

  Check out my RELIVE! ride.   Yongheshan is roughly translated as”Mountain with a wing ” or, “Wing Mountain”. We, as Filipinos, simply call it “Sanwan”, because it sounds like the famous name of a Saint/City (San Juan) in the Philippines. Sanwan is translated in English as “Three Bay”. It’s a bit mountainous and it’s part … Read moreThe Yongheshan Loop 永和山水庫, Sanwan Township, Taiwan

Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park, Taiwan

Updated on January 27,2018 The Zhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park is situated in Dingpu Village, Zhunan, Miaoli, Taiwan.   This is a 123-hectare base that serves as a satellite park of Hsinchu Science Park and is now popularly known as Jhunan/Zhunan Science Park.   Companies like Innolux, Impax, Tysonbio(my workplace), Mycenax, AOT, Gintech and many others … Read moreZhunan 竹南鎮 Science Park, Taiwan

Biking and Kitesurfing in Zhunan 竹南鎮, Taiwan

Zhunan 竹南鎮 in Taiwan actually means “Bamboo Town”. updated on May 07, 2018 I have no idea, why Zhunan town is called as such. What really first crossed my mind, was the abundance of bamboo in this town during the old times. And that made people call Zhunan, “The Bamboo Town”. Maybe. Who knows? I’ve searched the … Read moreBiking and Kitesurfing in Zhunan 竹南鎮, Taiwan

Haowangjiao 好望角 in Houlong, Taiwan 

The Goddess Matsu overlooking the Taiwan Strait

Haowangjiao, century old tunnel, fossil layer…

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