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Highland 405/Mt. Dadong Hiking Trail 大棟山登山步道 in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Highland 405 Highland 405/Mt. Dadong Hiking Trail 大棟山登山步道 in Taoyuan, Taiwan is a known destination for hikers, tourists and cyclists. It is listed as one of the top 100 minor peaks in Taiwan and has a height of 405 meters above sea level. Taoyuan City, Shulin, Shanjia and Yingge can be viewed at the peak of this mountain. Taipei 101 can even be spotted afar in a sunny day. The stunning view attracts nature lovers, mountain climbers and photographers. There are multiple routes in accesing this spot. Highland 405 is located at 333, Taoyuan City, Guishan District, 兔坑里 Google maps coordinates : Facebook video: click here Read: Baishawan Beach  Bade Bald Cypress Forest, Taoyuan (八德落羽松森林) 

A Ride to Luchang 鹿場 A Village in the Clouds, Nanzhuang, Miaoli, Taiwan

Luchang 鹿場 is translated as “Deer Field”. A high-altitude village that sits atop a 916-meter above-sea-level mountain. It is located in the mountainous and stunning  Nanzhuang, Miaoli, here in Taiwan. A haven for Cyclists, Mountain Hikers, Travelers, Adventurers and Nature Lovers. Cycling up to this place reminds me again of the movie, “Warriors of the Rainbow” / “Seediq Bale”. A Taiwanese movie that’s based on true historical events. Check out my RELIVE ride. Perhaps, this spot was once, one of their hunting grounds, hence the name “Deer Field”. I’m talking about the Atayal 泰雅 people to be specific, a certain group of Taiwan Aborigines here in Miaoli. Aborigines have been here thousands of years before the arrival of Han Chinese people. Guess what? They’re actually related to Filipinos and to other numerous  Austronesian people like the Malays, Indonesians, Maoris(Hawaii & New Zealand), etc.  To Filipinos, our closest genetic relative are the Amis People of Taiwan.…

Leofoo Resort sa Hsinchu, Taiwan

Leofoo Resort sa Hsinchu Ang Leofoo Resort o Leofoo Village ay ang first Fantasy World in Asia na mayroong Amusement at Safari parks. Maliban pa dito ang kanilang Waterpark. Ito ay matatagpuan sa bulubunduking lugar ng Hsinchu. Makakapanood ka dito ng mga parada at musical watershows. Mayroong Safari/Zoo at mga rides na para sa mga thrillseekers at mayroon din para sa mga bata. Watch: Seaside BALI Left Bank Park in New Taipei Paano bumili ng ticket sa 7/11 kung ikaw ay pupunta sa Leofoo Resort? Paano puntahan ang Taichung Flower Farm(Houli)? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel  Paano pumunta sa Leofoo Village? More or less one hour ang biyahe kung manggagaling sa Zhongli train station. Option 1-> Puwedeng via Taxi. 100 per head lang kung marami kayo. Option 2-> Pumunta sa Zhongli at abangan ang bus number 5653. Mga ipinagbabawal: Bawal kumain habang nanonood sa show performances (Theater). Huwag magdadala ng mga inuming…