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Taiwan Lottery Receipt Result for Months 07-08, 2019 (with images & instructions)

The Taiwan Lottery Receipt The Taiwan Lottery Receipt Known in Chinese as 統一發票 (Tǒngyī Fāpiào) Updated on September 25, 2019 In order to oversee merchants be booked accurately, the Taiwan Government runs this very clever idea by having raffles once in every couple of months. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of Taiwan dollars in here, if not millions. Don’t get too excited though, because the least amount of prize to be won is a merely 200NT dollar. Well, that’s not bad at all, for at least you can use that amount to top-up your Easycard/Yoyo card or enough to buy yourself a couple of medium-sized lattès. =) Never underestimate those eight digits, because one day, those might be the means that could lead you to a luxurious lifestyle? No one can ever foretell. Did you know that someone actually won 10 Million NT$ ( special prize winning numbers)…