Taichung City

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The Super Friendly Taiwanese Woman in Taichung City, Taiwan.

This happened last January 21, 2018. On a bit chilly morning in Taichung City, we were searching for a specific place but couldn’t find it. We’re apparently lost. A woman was walking briskly, but I still took my chance to ask for directions. It appeared as though she’s in a hurry, but she stopped. She gave us a piece of her precious time by looking earnestly at the address that I was showing to her. She started asking us questions, like “Where did we come from?”, “Where’s our working place?”. I told her that we’re from the Philippines and our workplace is in Zhunan. There were three of us. Her English is very good and clear. She pointed where the address is particularly located, and she explained that we’re actually a bit far from the establishment that we’re searching for. Seven blocks away! Afterwards, she said “bye-bye”. We thanked her…