The 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area

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Biking and Kitesurfing in Zhunan 竹南鎮, Taiwan

Zhunan 竹南鎮 in Taiwan actually means “Bamboo Town”. updated on May 07, 2018 I have no idea, why Zhunan town is called as such. What really first crossed my mind, was the abundance of bamboo in this town during the old times. And that made people call Zhunan, “The Bamboo Town”. Maybe. Who knows? I’ve searched the web about the origin of its name and found nothing. Instead, what showed up is Changhua (located in central part of Taiwan) which is also called “bamboo town”, primarily because there was a fortress that was made out of bamboo during the ancient times. Zhunan traditionally was a beach and a fishing community. It’s closely associated with Matsu, the sea goddess. Protector of sailors and fishermen. That’s according to Wikipedia. 龍鳳Lóngfèng means Dragon Phoenix. Right within the harbor’s vicinity are a Fish Market and several seafood restaurants. Further south is the Bike Trail’s starting point. The…

The Stunning 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area in Hsinchu, Taiwan 

17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area Hsinchu, officially known as Hsinchu City (Chinese: 新竹市), is a city in northern Taiwan. It is popularly nicknamed “The Windy City” (Chu Chien) for its windy climate. Hsinchu is administered as a provincial city within Taiwan. Read:  Tourist Attractions in Yingge District 鶯歌 Read: Nakatagong biking/hiking trail sa Yongheshan, Sanwan Read: Mga Tradisyon tuwing Dragon Boat Festival sa Taiwan Longing for a bike ride and haven’t decided where to go this weekend? The 17 Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area is waiting to be included in your itinerary. This strikingly beautiful bike trail stretches from Nangang Hsinchu to Nanliao Village. The collaboration of three Southeast Asian countries Japan, South Korea and Taiwan resulted in the materialization of this project. Read: The Sanxia River Adventure in New Taipei This scenic coastline boasts an abundance of leisure activities and diverse ecological resources that attract both local and international tourists. The incumbent Mayor Lin…