Taiwan Lottery Receipt Result for Months 5-6, 2018(with images & instructions)

The Taiwan Lottery Receipt

Updated on July 25, 2018

In every 25th of the month, the Taiwan Lottery Receipt Draw takes place here in Taiwan and, you could possibly win 10 Million NT Dollars from it!

But to be specific, it only occurs during odd months – 1st month, 3rd month, 5th month…


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Xiao Wulai Skywalk of Taoyuan


The good thing is, it’s open for everyone! Well, except for government employees. Both locals and foreigners are completely eligible in winning the Taiwan Lottery Receipt Draw!


Taiwan Lottery receipt for Months 5-6, 2018
Taiwan Lottery receipt for Months 5-6, 2018


Taiwan Lottery receipt for Months 3-4, 2018
Taiwan Lottery receipt for Months 3-4, 2018


In order to qualify for the Taiwan Lottery Receipt Draw, all you need  is a valid RECEIPT as such:


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So don’t just throw away those precious receipts if you’d want to bag up the Special Prize which is 10 Million NT dollars!

200 NT prize can be claimed at any 7-11convenience store. That’d be spendable, but if you’d prefer cash, then you should go to any of the  Postal Offices instead.


200 NT -10,000 NT prizes can be readily claimed at any Post Office. Just don’t forget to bring your ARC with you,  if you’re a foreigner.


You should head directly to Taiwan Cooperative Bank if you’ll win above 10 thousand NT dollars.

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Important Chinese-English Translations for the Taiwan Lottery Receipt (fill-up form at the back)



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10 Million NT $ = 300,000 US $

10 Million NT $ = 17 Million ₱


Always bear in mind though, that in order for you to win, the winning numbers should be in EXACT ORDER.

It’ll be tax-free in case you’ll win 1, 000 NT$ and below, and there will be 20% tax if ever you’ll hit 4, 000 NT$ and above.

You could be the next millionaire! Who knows? What are you gonna do with those millions?
According to this article, a qualified foreigner can definitely acquire a residential home in Taiwan for 5.88 million NT$.
This will also give you a chance to apply for a Permanent Residency here in the peaceful and beautiful country of Taiwan.

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Good luck!


*Remember! You will only have 90 days to claim your prize, starting from the date of draw!


Source: e-Tax

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