The Lucky Kid of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

This happened in the Philippines and not in Taiwan, but is related to biking, so I decided to include it in one of my posts.
This post(posted on Facebook about five hours ago) by netizen Romeo Sacrez in Pinoy MTB- Filipino Mountain Bikers has gone viral and has been shared for more than three thousand times as of this writing.
Scenario :
A kid with an old and defective BMX bike walks in at a bike shop and starts asking for a “bering” (ball bearing). He says that the rear wheel is wobbly and he suspects that its bearing is the culprit.
The mechanic tells the kid to wait for a while.
The kid with his old bike.
Then, when he decides to check the kid’s bike, he’s completely astonished!
The bearing is not the only problem.The bike also has literally NO saddle at all. He and his *“kumpare” then decides to look for a spare old seat. They got one and installed it.
Afterwards, he notices that its handlebar is also in an unsound condition. This time they aren’t able to provide one because its stem is not OS(oversize), but their boss notices what they’re doing to this kid’s bike. So, he(boss) decides to give the kid a new and free handlebar instead.
A new handlebar provided by the boss for free.
While the two mechanics are repairing the bike, they ask the kid where his home is. He answers, “San Pedro”. That is about 5 kilometers away according to this image in Google Maps.
San Pedro to Muntinlupa route
The boy says that he’s visited many bike shops asking for assistance but he was eventually turned down by them. ☹️
The mechanic then says, “Okay, we’ll fix that. We’ll enhance your bike”. ?
The boss suddenly enters and instantaneously says, “Give him a new bike instead!” They initially thought he’s just joking, but then they bring in a new one and eventually assemble it.
The boy is so happy and is literally speechless.
the boy in SM Muntinlupa with a new bike.
The boy with his new bike that is given by the shop’s owner for FREE.
This bike store deserves to be acknowledged, but I have no idea what its name is. Support them and buy your bikes and accessories from them if you’re just nearby. They are located near SM Muntinlupa. ?


*Kumpare – compadre in Spanish or godfather.
lucky kid of San Pedro Laguna
The mechanic says he’s both thankful and exultant and, that leads him to publish this post on Facebook. That bike is being used as a “school service” by the kid. He has a 100 peso bill that is intended ONLY to buy for a replacement for the defective bearing. He literally walked from San Pedro, Laguna to Muntinlupa City with the only intention to find a shop to fix his bike. Sadly, as stated earlier most of them refused to repair his bike. The mechanic appeals to his fellow mechanics that they should’ve have lent a helping hand instead to this kid. He and his kumpare are feeling piteous that they ended up helping this paltry kid.

Share ko lng po isang bata ang pumunta sa shop namin kanina para mag pakabit ng bering.


BATA… Kuya may bering po kau.??

AKo… Anung bering..??

BATA.. ung nasa likod po kc gunagalaw..

AKO.. AH.. Ok cg w8 lng ah..

BATA.. ??

AKO.. Lika to gawin na natin..

Nagulat kami nung nakita namin ung bike nya..
Una napansin namin ung bike nya wlang upuan.. Ngaun nag hanap kami ng kumpare ko sabi ko un meron pa binigay namin sakanya nung natapos handelbar namn putol din pala.. Wla na kami naibigay kc hindi OS ung stem nya. Nakita ng boss namin kaya naisipan bigyan ng handelbar..
Habang ginagaw namin. Tinaung namin cya kung san nauwi…

AKO.. San ka nauwi??



BATA.. Opo dami po ako pinuntahang bike shop ayaw po nila gawin.

KAMI… sige gawin natin yn. Pagandahin natin..

Sabay pasok ng boss namin bigyan mo na ng isang bike yn. Sabay tawanan.. Pinakuha ung isang stock namin na bike.. Sabay binuo namin.. D makapaniwala ung bata dna nakapag salita sa sobrang saya… Eto po ung bike nya nung dinala samin..

Iba talaga ang pakiramdam ng pag nakikita mong masaya ang bata…

Mag aral ka mabuti ah. Bago na bike mo…


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