Things-To-Do in Zhunan (Gallery)

Northern Miaoli Art Center NMAC
A lifesize work of art in Northern Miaoli Art Center

Here’s a list of Things-To-Do in Zhunan if you’re going to visit this place.


>Visit the exhibits at NMAC or Northern Miaoli Art Center for free.

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>From Zhunan, you can travel to Taichung(about two hours) and visit The Taichung Flower Farm

>Roam around The Zhunan Science Park

>Drop by at The Yongheshan Reservoir.

> If you’re into long-distance cycling, then head on to Luchang Village and Xiangtian Lake. Also, don’t forget to drop by at the Nanzhuang Old Street.


>Have a walk/run at the enormous oval in Zhunan Sports Park. If you’re into sports then try to visit the vast Zhunan Sports Park. Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, a large playground can be played/found in here.

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>Chill and watch movies in Shang Shun Mall

Shang Shun Mall in Toufen City, Taiwan


>Do some Kitesurfing/Biking in Zhunan Beach

> Pick strawberries in Dahu

> Visit the nearby Haowangjiao and The 17-Kilometer Scenic Coastal Area


>Check your receipts and win the Lottery!



I do not own any of the artworks that are presented/photographed in here. All credits belong to their rightful owners.


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