The Yongheshan Loop 永和山水庫, Sanwan Township, Taiwan

The Yongheshan Reservoir
The Yongheshan Reservoir 永和山水庫, Sanwan Township, Miaoli, Taiwan


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Yongheshan is roughly translated as”Mountain with a wing ” or, “Wing Mountain”.

We, as Filipinos, simply call it “Sanwan”, because it sounds like the famous name of a Saint/City (San Juan) in the Philippines.

Sanwan is translated in English as “Three Bay”. It’s a bit mountainous and it’s part of Miaoli.


The Yongheshan loop is in fact, a bit intimidating to accomplish for the uninitiated.

This Mountain serves as the training ground for cyclists. Both rookies and veterans that are just nearby, frequent this place. Some folks come here to hike or to observe nature.

If you’re fond of viewing Sakura flowers, then try to visit them while they bloom during winter. White(rare) and pink varieties can be found in here.


White Sakura
White Sakura in Yonghe mountain.


pink Sakura
Pink Sakura in Yongheshan.



I’m writing this blog to serve as a guide for those who are not yet familiar with “The Yongheshan Loop”, as there’s a probability of getting lost if someone’s not properly oriented in traversing this place.

This mountain is approximately 100 meters above sea level.

In case you’ll get lost, just open this link and simply follow it back to Toufen city.


Toufen Bridge in Taiwan
The Red Toufen Bridge in Taiwan.


Toufen Bridge in Google Maps


First, look for the red/orange Toufen Bridge. This bridge is a 15-minute drive(by bike)  from Toufen City.

You can use the above Google Map link as a guide. We’ll use the bridge as the landmark.


Next, just go straight ahead until you reach the intersection at the 7-11 convenience store.

7-11 in Sanwan, Miaoli
The 7-11 convenience store in Sanwan.


Then just keep on going until you reach the OK Convenience Store (image below).

OK Convenience Store in Yonghe, Sanwan.



Turn right again after entering the entry point besides the OK Store.


At this point, you’ll now notice a gradual ascent.

Start shifting gears.

This climb to Yongheshan is a bit steep. Don’t be troubled if you won’t make it at first. Just keep on practicing. There will always be room for improvement.

Now, as you go on, you will eventually pass through these:


Top of Yongheshan
View at the top of Yongheshan.


Sanwan Township, Miaoli.
Enjoy the Scenery.


Yonghe rest area.
You can take some rest here.


Rest area in Yonghe, Sanwan.


Upon reaching this point, you must pay attention to the sign below.

You must turn left.

This way to Yongheshan.
Turn left to Sanwan-Nanjhuang.


Horse Statue in Yongheshan.
Turn right. Don’t go to the left as this will lead you to a private road/property.


As you go along, you will pass through these:

Yongheshan oranges
Orange Trees in Sanwan.


Sakura tree in Yongheshan
Yongheshan Reservoir in the background. Sakura tree in the foreground.


Direction that leads to Yongheshan reservoir.
Turn left. This will lead you to Yongheshan Reservoir.


Turn left again. This will still lead you again to Yongheshan reservoir.
Turn left. This will lead you to the reservoir/dam.


near the end of the Yongheshan Loop.
Once you reach this point, you’re now close to completing the Yongheshan Loop.


The Yongheshan Reservoir
The Yongheshan Reservoir in Sanwan, Miaoli.


My Yongheshan Loop Video


Be especially cautious during descents.

Please don’t forget to wear a  helmet.

Safety first!




Yongheshan Reservoir in Google Maps



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